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What is Sex-Coaching?

Sex Coaching is very much like normal coaching.
In sex coaching we are focussing on matters of sex, rather than anything else.

What does a sex coach do?

A sex coach will discuss, sexual problems or difficulties with you.
A sex coach will give advise on how to overcome problems.
The advice may include recommendations for sex toys, and other devices.

Must you bring your partner with to the Sex-Coach?

You can see your sex-coach by yourself, or with your partner.
It is really up to you, to decide what you will feel more comfortable with.

Does a sex-coach, make you perform sex in front of them?

Definitely not. A sex-coach will not do that.
All the advice that your are given, is meant for you to practice in private.
In your feedback sessions, you will discuss the effectiveness of the measures with your sex coach.
You are free to discuss as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

What is the value of a sex-coach?

It depends on how much you value a healthy sex-life.
The sex-coaching fees will be and remain affordable.
If your partner and/or your sex life, is worth more than the small fee that you need to turn things around,
then the fee for the sex-coach is insignificant, by comparison.

Would a sex-coach be available for an adult party?

Yes of course.
A sex coach at an adult for adult woman or adult men, or mixed, can really spice the party up.
Your friends may feel more comfortable, asking the sex-coach question's in a party setting.
the advice given will be valuable for more than just the person who asked the question.