Create a Database

If you have the database software installed, then you can create a database from the prompt:

SQL> CREATE DATABASE database_name;

If may be easier for you to create the database from the graphic user interface. The first thing that you will need to do is to invoke the appropriate database manipulation software. In oracle it would be called “dbca”. Make sure that your X-Windows is configured, before you run the program.

You will then be prompted for various bits of information, that will be needed in order to create the database.

1.) Database name.

2.) Directory structure that will hold the datafiles. You will be able to optionally add additional datafiles while creating the database, or you can add them afterwards.

3.) Character set that you want to use for the database. Remember that it is very difficult to change the character set after the database is created. Most people will just recreate the database, if it was created with the wrong character set. Before you choose the character set, ask the developers if available, what their requirements for the character set are.

4.) You may get the chance to specify some configuration settings, like the size of the RAM that is to be used. There are hundreds of parameters that you can set. You can use the defaults, and set them afterwards, instead of setting them while you create the database.

You can configure some things like setting archiving on or off, and where your archive logs will be kept if you are going to use archiving.

Once the database has been created, then go through the error logs carefully. If you find any serious errors in the logs, then you may want to consider, resolving the issues, and recreating the database.






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